Embark on a transcontinental island-hopping adventure with Bodegas Viñátigo Winery and THE OZEN COLLECTION

Only The Most Remarkable Flavours

So significant and historical are the wines from the Canary Islands that even the great bard Shakespeare couldn’t resist their charm! The region’s indigenous wine, Malvasía, captured his fancy and even found mention in several of his works. During the height of the British Empire’s fortunes, this wine was exported to England in droves. However, after its fall, this toasted, amber-coloured drink with balanced and intense aromas almost faded into oblivion. Nowadays, it is seeing a renewed interest from connoisseurs. This epicurean delight is being brought to THE OZEN COLLECTION resorts in an exclusive masterclass-and-gastronomy combination through Bodegas Viñátigo, one of the most revered wineries from this Spanish region.

Bodegas Viñátigo wines are marked by a characteristic volcanic minerality with a hint of salinity due to the influence of the Atlantic trade winds. Three nights of decadent bliss await those who embark on this delicious adventure at the following two resorts:


From 21 to 23 November 2022, guests will be regaled in the carefree island lifestyle at GIN IS IN, where Mr Mendez will take them through the charming wine collection from Bodegas Viñátigo. This will be followed by an immersive wine-and-food pairing experience at the newly unveiled Hudhu Bay. On the menu are lively, colourful varietals like Marmajuelo, Vijariego Negro, and Tintilla. These will be placed alongside matching foods that go with them as beautifully as the sunsets and Indian Ocean vistas do in the Maldives. What’s more, there’s a bespoke giveaway for each guest, too. A charming event for connoisseurs of cuvées!


A private and privileged affair with Bodegas Viñátigo wines will unfold at the resort from 25 to 27 November 2022. First, Mr Mendez and Jorge will take guests through the notes and nuances of the niche parcel wines that they’ve curated for the experience at the Tasting Lounge. Then, guests will be ushered into a world of gastronomic bliss at the timeless culinary destination, ORIGINƎ, where each course will be paired with Mr Mendez’s special cuvées. The list includes prestigious bottles of Maipe, Pino Valois, Laderas de Teno, and unmatched merriment. To top it all, there’s a thoughtful gift by which guests can remember this memorable experience. It will be an event oozing affluence for wine afficionados.

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