Michelle T Tavaziva
Innovative Wellness Consultant & Therapist

Michelle T Tavaziva draws upon over decades in the beauty industry, beginning her career in 2002 when
she qualified as a beauty therapist. She is also qualified in Marketing. Her passion for knowledge in the dynamic, ever-changing skincare/beauty industry ensures that she stays informed with the latest technologies and cutting edge ingredients in skincare, which she loves to share with her clients.

Her approach is one that encompasses all of the technical knowledge with a relaxing and soothing touch. Because of her dedication and love for the beauty industry she has gained the credibility wherever she works. A true master of all services offered. All of your skin care needs can be met simply by putting your face in Michelle’s hands.

Innovative Wellness Consultant and one of the leading spa therapists in Maldives- Michelle T Tavaziva Available for Booking Treatments at OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI when you stay in January 2022

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