Refined Elegance

An impeccable experience of gracious indulgence elegantly articulated with the promise of inspiration and harmony at its core.

“We invite you to a secluded, dream getaway in the Indian Ocean. Let the magic of sea, sand, and swaying palm trees envelop you and transport you to a tranquil sanctuary. Lose yourself in inspiring moments of delight through our unique, uber-luxe holiday plans designed to reflect in all aspects of an unforgettable holiday experience. Every element of a leisure holiday is seamlessly blended into your stay. Enjoy exclusive benefits with effortless planning, so that you can leave your wallets and worries behind when you visit THE OZEN COLLECTION resorts!"

Managing Director

We will always position ourselves as the ‘preferred brand of choice’ for industry forward thinkers who are eager to explore and define ways that can further enhance and simplify the guest experience without negotiating on the quality of the experience. It is only through the addition of such progressive mindsets in THE OZEN COLLECTION team that we will be able to lead the hospitality industry into a more profound direction that is scalable and relevant with our luxury resorts in Maldives.

Sheer dedication and determination will always lead the way when it comes to upholding the highest standards set in place to deliver the promise we make to our guests and our colleagues representing THE OZEN COLLECTION brand. It is our relentless pursuit for happiness for both – our employees and guests, that sets us apart in everything we endeavour to do on behalf of THE OZEN COLLECTION.

THE OZEN COLLECTION brand and properties will always exude tranquillity and inspiration when it comes to defining the design, service, experience, and business philosophies. The experiences we create will not only be all-encompassing, but also inspiring for our colleagues and our guests, while also addressing all their needs, wants, and desires. The abundance of exceptional and inspiring experiences will always be at the root of everything we do and offer.

At THE OZEN COLLECTION, we always keep our hearts and ears open to reactions and comments from colleagues and guests. It is due to this very practice that we can continuously evolve ourselves into a more resonating brand every day. Having the ‘all-listening’ persona also helps us position THE OZEN COLLECTION as a caring, compassionate, and big-hearted brand for colleagues and guests alike.

Our Philosophy

Our Purpose

Curate inspiring experiences for our guests by seamlessly blending sophisticated elegance with a meticulously balanced space and service experience, inspired by the local cultural norms. Create an enriching environment for every colleague that not only encourages progressive thinking but also supports them in reaching their true potential while maintaining a work-life balance.

Our Promise

Immerse yourself in a world of boundless sanctuaries while availing inspiring experiences that are thoughtfully curated to make your every moment an everlasting memory.

Our Values

We are Progressive, We are Passionate, We are Inspiring, We are Benevolent

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